About the clinic

Clinic Founder

Portrait August 21

James Middlewood is  a Chinese medicine herbalist and acupuncturist with a background in psychotherapy.  He is also an enthusiastic researcher.  James believes the best medicine is one that can be studied  scientifically  but has origins in tradition. He believes medicine must be more than a remedy. Medicine is treating the person. 








Qualifications and Training 

  • Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • Bachelor of Human Change and Counselling from Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Health and Disease Prevention from University of California
  • Diabetes a Global Overview – University of Copenhagen, 2017
  • Bacteria and Chronic infections – University of Copenhagen, 2016
  • Biology of Cancer – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • Understanding Prostate Cancer – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • Understanding Cancer metastasis  – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
Association Memberships
  • ATMS